Almond Butter Green Goodness Smoothie

This year in 2019, I’m trying to eat a lot more healthy. Also, take in a lot more leafy greens. So, what better way to get your veggies intake in a delicious cup. I got this smoothie recipe from my local juice bar. Every time I visit, I order a green smoothie made with sesame seed butter. However, I didn’t have sesame seed butter on hand , so I used almond butter. The flavor is still yum! Try it. It’s filling and healthy!

1/2 cup of fresh spinach (chopped)

1 yellow banana (cut in half)

1 tbsp.. of Almond butter

1 tsp of honey

1/3 cup of 2% milk

1 cup of ice

Blend until smooth….less than a minute. Enjoy,

green smoothie.jpg