How to combat Writer's Block

How to combat writer's Block.

So, are you feeling stuck? Unmotivated? Or ready to give up? Well....don't throw in the towel just yet.

I’m going to share with you guys some of my tricks on how to combat writers block. This is something I experienced and so hopefully these five tips will help you get out of that nasty funk. So lets get to it.

Tip 1: Read books. Sometimes reading a book can help you think creatively again, especially if the book is really good. I suggest you read something from your genre, something you will enjoy. Do not worry about plagiarizing. You just want to study your craft. See how other writers maneuvered through difficult writing terrains. Remember that the story you are writing is unique. No one has your story. You just need a good book to jumpstart you again. It's like eating a healthy meal before a grueling work out. Reading and writing go hand and hand. So, pick up a book that will make you feel excited about writing again!

Tip 2: Take a Break. This is very important. Sometimes you need to step away from your work and come back to it with a fresh mind. I suggest you catch up with your friends, go to the gym, attend a play, travel, or go out on that special date. Sometimes these spontaneous adventures can be useful material for your novel. So take a break.

Tip 3: Take A Creative Writing Class. Taking a writing class can help spark new story ideas. My first novel Finding Zola actually came to me when I took a creative writing class. As I took the class, I begun to get all these cool ideas for stories. And taking a writing class can help boost your confidence given that you’re sharing your work with other writers, who will give you thoughtful feedback. So, this is something to think about.

Tip 4: Make an Outline. Making an outline will help you stay on track and get your novel done quickly instead of you sitting in LaLa land in front of your computer. Making an outline is very simple. Just write a concise sentence for each chapter, for example: Chapter 1... John traveled to Australia to attend college. Chapter 2... John got homesick. Etcetera. And start to expound on those topics. As soon as you know it, you'll have a completed manuscript. So, Outlining is very helpful.

Tip 5: Self-help Writing Books. There are times when procrastination takes over our soul and get the best of us. What I do to combat this nasty funk is I turn to self-help writing books to give me a good kick in the butt. They can give you that encouragement to keep going. I can recommend a couple of books that helped me. The first one is: The War of Art. This book is good for combating procrastination as a writer. The next one is, Writing Down the Bones. This book essentially gives you writing exercises and a good conversational pep talk. This book is excellent.


Alright guys that’s it. Those are my five tips to combat writers block. So, get to writing!

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