Coming this Summer!!!

Coming this Summer!!!

It had been a whirlwind of change from a year ago for Pierre Jackson … on track to becoming a chef extraordinaire, living it up in a plush up-town condo that he shared with his successful and debonair fiancé, Deandre Harris, the world’s hottest news anchor, Pierre thought he had his future all mapped out. He hadn’t imagined that he’d be alone, in between jobs, lose his passion for cooking, living in a run-down apartment, and entertaining the thought of having to share space with a stranger … that is, until he received a phone call from his best friend asking for a huge favor. If that wasn’t enough, he’s beckoned home to deal with a death in the family, and having to travel to a far away land, a place from his distant past, a place of faint memories of an unaccustomed culture, tropical heat and the sweet scent of mangoes.

Pierre’s new roommate is Zola Washington, a beautiful, charismatic, young African American woman, who unbeknownst to Pierre has her own agenda and wrestling with her own ghosts. Zola is trying to escape a tumultuous relationship with her crazy ex-boyfriend, Jaizon, and rebuild a brand-new life. She has big dreams and makes a risky decision to open a bistro in the heart of the bustling city of Toronto, but she doesn’t know where to begin until she meets Pierre.

While Pierre and Zola push ahead in their pursuits of living better lives, they both finds themselves at a crossroad when their past comes back to haunt them and has them turning to copious amounts of delicious food and the search of spirituality.


"An excellent read, especially for those who love cooking, romance and realistically poignant LGBT themes..." - Kirkus Reviews



This delectable tale revolves around twenty-nine-year old Pierre Jackson, who dreams of becoming a renowned pâtissier and chef. He moves to Toronto with his handsome fiancé, DeAndre Harris, who has just landed a prestigious job at a major news station in the city. Everything seems to be perfect...until a secret comes to light that throws their relationship for a loop. With everything falling apart, Vijay Khakwani, a gorgeous Indo-Canadian man, moves into Pierre's apartment. When Pierre's messy apron catches his eye, Pierre is propositioned to teach him how to cook, and their neighborly acquaintance gets tantalizingly close. 

Meanwhile, Vijay is also battling the odds in his life. He's constantly in between jobs and running into trouble with the law. His mother, a powerful attorney and Toronto socialite, is tired of rescuing her son and just wants him to take some responsibility. She orchestrates an arranged marriage for Vijay, thinking it will cure him of his reckless habits and put him back on the straight and narrow. In a last ditch effort to change his life around, Vijay immerses himself into Eastern spirituality. As he goes through his spiritual journey, it forces him to confront the dark secrets in his family's past. 

As Pierre teaches Vijay the art of cooking in their intimate sessions, Vijay shows Pierre the beauty of Buddhism. What will become of the two?



"The author beautifully melds the art of cooking with rising romantic desire "- Kirkus Reviews

"Confused Spice is an eclectic modern read that weaves family, friendship, sexuality, and self-discovery." - San Francisco Book Review

"Bailey's prose is is sprinkled with stunning descriptions and engaging's a new and exciting experience." - Manhattan Book Review

"This is definitely worth a read" - Scandalicious Book Reviews

"I just finished Confused Spice...and I really enjoyed it. What I loved most was the compelling plot, most especially Vijay's family life, and characters that I grew to care about." - Rena Scott,

"One of the most unique books I have read in a long time...this book is a real gem."- Halo of

"What a great read, I couldn't put it down one second. I love how the author used many twists in it. Although I am a busy person, this read blew my mind away and that's what simply interests me . I really would love to have a copy of this book, because it was that great." - Patricia Lezcano

"A light and breezy summer read! Perfect for losing yourself into a different world on the beach or in the garden!" - Reema Jaffer

"A sexy, sharp and fun read. The character development was very enjoyable. This novel will leave you deeply satisfied yet craving for more." - Kailee Fatt